Research in the Smith Lab is broadly focused on the development of technologies to enable the observation of proteoforms that are invisible to current techniques. We approach this both from the lab bench and the computer keyboard. We develop innovative lab methods to advance current proteomic analyses, and open new avenues of proteomics research. We also develop cutting-edge software tools for the accurate and efficient analysis of mass spectrometry proteomics data.

Specific Research Areas


Concurrent development of software to more quickly, accurately, and deeply characterize the proteome, and improvement of our ability to visualize proteomics data in highly informative ways.


Identification and localization of PTM's, single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP's), and splice variants to more thoroughly characterize proteome complexity in biological systems.

RNA-Protein Interactions

Identification and quantification of RNA-interacting proteins to elucidate their roles in biological systems.