Alan Attie University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biochemistry
Robert Blick Center for Hybrid Nanostructures CHYN - University of Hamburg
Audrey Gasch Genome Center of Wisconsin and Department of Genetics
Michael Gould Genome Center of Wisconsin and McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, Oncology
Tim Griffin University of Minnesota, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Aaron Hoskins University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biochemistry
David Jarrard University of Wisconsin-Madison, Urology
Neil Kelleher Northwestern University, Chemistry
Christina Kendziorski Genome Center of Wisconsin and Dept of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics and Department of Statistics
Shane Lamos Saint Michaels College, Chemistry
Michael Olivier Texas Biomedical Research Institute
Rupa Sridharan Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Richard Vierstra Washington University in St. Louis
Nathan Welham University of Wisconsin- Madison, Surgery
Xuehua Zhong Wisconsin Institute for Discovery